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Sunday, November 19, 2006

News of the Nativity Story - Nov. 20th edition

The Nativity Story in the News (both good and bad):

  • South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "But mediocre or downright lousy movies don't always announce themselves so clearly. Anyone who reports the following news is bound to be accused of outright sacrilege, but The Nativity Story (Dec. 1) -- which tells the story of the miraculous birth of (to quote Ricky Bobby) the tiny infant Jesus -- is decidedly un-immaculate."
  • Zenit news: "The world premiere of the film "The Nativity Story" is scheduled to take place Nov. 26 in the Vatican."
  • Buffalo News: "The Nativity Story" - Mary (Keisha Castile-Hughes) and Joseph (Oscar Isaac) can't book a hotel on Christmas Eve."
  • "The Nativity Story" makes its debut in local cinemas on December 6. It is expected to be a major attraction this coming Holiday Season."
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: "Amid all the holiday junk food, this film's the real deal. Catherine Hardwicke's human-scaled biblical about Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes) and Joseph (Oscar Isaac) cuts to the quick of ordinary Nazarenes who rise to their extraordinary destiny as the parents of Jesus."
  • The Wichita Eagle: "Director Catherine Hardwicke ("Lords of Dogtown") takes a fresh dramatic approach to the period in the lives of Joseph (Oscar Isaac) and Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes) as they struggle to get to Bethlehem in time for the birth of their child, Jesus."
  • Associated Press: "The birth of Christ is told in dramatic fashion in "The Nativity Story," starring Keisha Castle-Hughes ("Whale Rider") as the Virgin Mary. "It is kind of a contrast to the usually funny holiday fare and the other more violent movies you get around the holidays. Maybe it'll be an antidote to that. It's not a cynical approach. It's really quite pure in a way," said "Nativity Story" director Catherine Hardwicke, whose credits include the acclaimed teen drama "thirteen." "It does eventually seem to take you to a spiritual place, a more sacred place by the end of the movie."

We'll be updating this website drastically in the next few days to prepare for the rush of visitors expected before and during the release of the Nativity Story. So bookmark us and check back soon!

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Blogger barbara bateman said ... (3:52 PM) : 

The Nativity Story is inspirational, the best film I have seen in a few years with sensitive scenes of lambs, and camals, cattle and authentic music of the East and Middleast with Christmas song themes was so beautiful! The story of Christ is so precious being so humble that it makes the TV Evangelist look like white trash asking for money on the minute like Mike Murdock, requesting money sent to their pocket book in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, which to me IS Taking God's Name In Vain to market him for money when these evangelist live in mansions & not apprised of current events, racketeering.

Character development in "The Nativity Story: The Three Wise Men would have been more sophisticated in Bibical days. I watched them eat a meal in the movie. And I felt that Mary character was not sweet in disposition. I cannot imagine God betrothing to her to one unless she were madly in love. I really liked the way Joseph character treated Mary because I have never met an Israeli who was that polite and sweet to anyone. I felt at first the movie had negative interactions and two birth scenes was not very sophisticated, period. But I compare the story of Christ of "The Nativity Story' vs. the federal buck car salesman technique on cable, TV Evangelism. At least the Moslems do not evangelize begging for money is such bad manners of poorest upbringing. I would rather see TV evangelism removed from the air and have authentic Bibical stories of Judism and Moslem religion as replacement. I think the meaning of Christmas is a movie, "The Nativity Story." There were not credit cards request for donations to the director or actor, only. I think the TV Evangelist need to see this movie.

I would still say that this was an excellent movie, a job well done for this Texas director! Christ is truly our saviour and so precious to the manger scene with the camels resting and polite respect by the Three Wise Men. I felt Harod was a believable character. The costumes and scenes were beautiful like a Christmas card! I want to see the film again with my Christmas company. I see TV evangelism as Harod Antipas techniques of trying to control plebian viewer's bank accounts, thieves with a microphone and dramatic song in hand. They don't even send a Christmas card to their viewers whom they take their money in the nameo of Jesus of Nazareth. You never hear of one story of Christ asking for money for his own private kitty. Jesus of Nazareth was the greatest social worker on earth, and I felt a little tear eyed, with the beautiful musical score, being a pianoist.

Barb from Texas


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